The Fairy and her Tree — September 22, 2016

The Fairy and her Tree

In the deepest parts of the forest

There was a beautiful tree of green and yellow

It was so tall and mighty

But was the most beautiful thing you would ever see

The fairy who guarded the tree was young but wise

She never left its side

Forever the tree stood strong

Forever the fairy will live long

For they are both entwined

Never will they ever leave each others side


The Dragon and his Gold — March 23, 2016

The Dragon and his Gold

The dragon lay still, forever cherishing his gold

Many knights tried to slay him

But in the end, their bodies went cold

All the dragon wanted was for someone on his side

But the townspeople saw him with terror in their eyes

So the dragon had no one, not a thing on his side

And he lay ever still, for the remainder of his life