Alone and in Pain — October 13, 2016

Alone and in Pain

He wanders the streets

Alone and in pain

The one he loved had flew far away

Forever he will think of her

Forever he will want her

But he will never have her, ever again

She will always have his heart, wherever she may go

Always by her side he will always remain


Lidless eye of sorrow — April 5, 2016

Lidless eye of sorrow

I look upon the street of sorrow

People walking this way

Children running that way

No one knowing were they are going

Or where they will end up

I close the blinds to my room

Forever living on the street of sorrow

The Unforgotten Shadow —

The Unforgotten Shadow

In the valley of west

In the rainfall on the south

The shadow, nameless and formless roams the earth

Its life is as long as the birth of the earth

It flows in the wind, It swims in the river

Forever the shadow will linger

Never seen but never forgotten


Walk of the End — April 1, 2016
The Darkness Below —

The Darkness Below

I look upon the forsaken door

The old cracked wood begins to rot so ever more

Arise the lord of darkness, arise from the dark gates down below

A massive mass of darkness and hatred

Two eyes appear from the darkness, calling out to me in pain

I hear the weather outside begin to rain

The end is here, the darkness has come

My feet are planted I cannot run


The Train that Never Sleeps — March 23, 2016

The Train that Never Sleeps

There was a train, a train that never sleeps

As it goes along the tracks, you can hear it slowly weep

Its loud whistle blows, into the cold winter snow

The tracks its on have begun to rust

But the train must go on, it must it must

Forever alone, the train will always go

Into the darkness of the cold winter night

The Darkened Light — March 11, 2016