The Fairy and her Tree — September 22, 2016

The Fairy and her Tree

In the deepest parts of the forest

There was a beautiful tree of green and yellow

It was so tall and mighty

But was the most beautiful thing you would ever see

The fairy who guarded the tree was young but wise

She never left its side

Forever the tree stood strong

Forever the fairy will live long

For they are both entwined

Never will they ever leave each others side


In the Heart of the Storm — September 14, 2016

In the Heart of the Storm

The wind howls in rage

For I am on my own today

Waves crash against the boat

Good thing I grabbed my best coat

She roars at me from the distance

I close my eyes and prepare

For tonight will be my last

In this never ending game I play


Flowers of the World — September 9, 2016

Flowers of the World

They grow in the fields

They bloom atop the mightiest mountains

Forever they will grow with time

Forever they will always rise

Blooming in different colors

Growing in different sizes

Showing us the beauty of this world

Always making a small child smile



Forgotten memories — September 8, 2016