Forgotten Ghosts — March 24, 2016

Forgotten Ghosts

They wander through forests

They sleep amongst the stars

No stories or myths are told of them

No songs or jingles are sung of them

Forgotten and alone, they wander the streets

Not knowing or seeing the ground at their feet

They’re gone forever, forgotten and unnamed

Their bones and ashes are all that remain



The Dragon and his Gold — March 23, 2016

The Dragon and his Gold

The dragon lay still, forever cherishing his gold

Many knights tried to slay him

But in the end, their bodies went cold

All the dragon wanted was for someone on his side

But the townspeople saw him with terror in their eyes

So the dragon had no one, not a thing on his side

And he lay ever still, for the remainder of his life


The Soldier with no Gun —
The Train that Never Sleeps —

The Train that Never Sleeps

There was a train, a train that never sleeps

As it goes along the tracks, you can hear it slowly weep

Its loud whistle blows, into the cold winter snow

The tracks its on have begun to rust

But the train must go on, it must it must

Forever alone, the train will always go

Into the darkness of the cold winter night

The Darkened Light — March 11, 2016